Counseling, coaching and consulting

Assisting clients in passionate partnership to move

from problems to possibilities.

“Provocateur of the possible”

As a solution-focused therapist my goal is to assist you in excavating your true potential, and to help you to lead the life you long for. While we can’t change the difficult situations and traumas of the past, we can collectively work together to better understand and resolve the challenges of your life’s situation. By utilizing optimal match therapeutic approaches and techniques, we can unearth long-standing negative perceptions and behavior patterns that may block you from a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

I bring knowledge, support, respect, and practical wisdom in a safe environment for personal work. I address the whole person while incorporating all significant and formative dimensions of the human spirit: physical, emotional, spiritual, and social.


I honor clients as the experts in their own lives; who at times, like all of us become ambivalent, stressed, and stuck. I seek to honor the story; and possibly another story which seeks to emerge within each client’s ambivalence.


I offer knowledge, humor, madness, and practical wisdom in a safe and supportive environment that allows clients to see themselves once again as the authors and experts of their own lives.

If you’re looking for support and guidance through a challenging situation, or you’re ready to move in a different direction in life, I would welcome the opportunity to work with you in achieving your goals.

What is madness but nobility of soul at odds with circumstance” Roethke “Dance amidst the whole catastrophe” Zorba “Where there is no vision people perish” proverbs 29:18